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—the .Mail concept

"When the first email was sent in the early 1970's there was no big difference to the email we know today." - And this is the problem.

Have a look on the initial concept.

—What others say

"Actionsteps: A simple idea that could revolutionize Email and save you time"


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But what’s new in .Mail?

Besides the standard functionalities we’re focusing on:
Easy to use


Actionsteps solves the flagging problem, where every email you know that you need to respond to is of equal importance.

With Actionsteps you have a great tool that just complement your existing GTD workflow. Just one click and you added an Actionstep with a priority. Read the full concept for more information about how Actionsteps work.



Imagine finding every attachment someone sent you, sorted by date or name directly in your email client? It's similar to the “All your files” functionality in your OSX Finder.

It comes in handy quite often, because you have all your attachments in one place, even if they haven’t been downloaded yet. Then you can drag and drop your files to wherever you want.



We’re getting a lot of Notifications these days. Basically we like the push character, we just don’t like it in our inbox.

So .Mail takes a Notification email out of your inbox and automatically turns it into a little notification. This means you still have the push message, but it’s not mixing up with your real and important emails anymore.